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Nov 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
shattering. the u.s. economy created 171,0 the last month, but creeped up toate 7.9%. say that this is not the race inake up way. what has happened in the last is already bic into perception. >> mitt romney is in ohio, the president the northeastern corner. latest tracking poll showed that the race is tight, but a slew of data ground state polls edge to the president. >> mitt romney has about 48 adjust that. >> ohioan not be able to escape the political spotlight. president obama will be here day until the election day. >> of course, abc 7 is your for the most up-to-date information. with oure speaking partners at politico about what jobs report mean for president obama and mitt romney. >> the presidential race is just several big items on ballot in maryland. the final day for early in maryland. we are at a polling site in landover. last day of early voting in maryland. see the peopllined up .ehind you you can see this very long at this learning center. this is what people are having endure on this last day of voting. of these people got here this center opened at 8:00 in the morning. far,
Nov 9, 2012 12:00pm EST
. >> they drove the vehicle down here, which i believe it was the u.s. secret service who were approached here. >> now they are looking for the suspect vehicle which is described as a white or silver linkedin. officials say that no one was hurt in all of this. is early in investigation. they hope to find more about what happened. abc7 news. >> also a school bus driver has died after a crash in culpeper, va.. the high school students on board the bus were not hurt. the 70-year-old bus driver suffered a medical issue and then crashed the bus into a ditch. we will have more on that on the news at 5:00 this afternoon. and a silver spring home looks like this after a fire this morning. it took firefighters 20 minutes to knock down the flames. no one was hurt. because is still under investigation at noon. -- the cause is still under investigation at noon. >> basketball coach bernie fine' -- charges against him have been dropped. as there are no evidence to support claims of molestation. >> a jetblue pilot who suffered a breakdown has been set free. video shows him screaming and trying to open a
Nov 7, 2012 12:00pm EST
running as well. >> handicapped was vying for 8 u.s. senator -- a us senate seat -- hank the cat was running for us senate. his campaign raised $16,000 for animal rescue groups. >> we are talking about the coastal storm. >> snowflakes on the way, right? >> possibly. we thought the price of this system was going to state north east but it is moving faster than we thought and our impact is going to be a very minimal. there could be a little bit of light rain and snow mixing, especially in northeastern maryland. clouds from the storm for sure. these clouds have been moving overhead all day long. as we take a look at our radar we can see rank along del mar. the -- delmarva. winds dusting up to 30 miles an hour. reagan national at 44 degrees. winds at 12 miles per hour. winchester at 37 degrees and 44 at annapolis. you can see the dip in the jet stream across the region. that will be lifting up towards the north by the end of the week. once we get rid of this coastal storm, however whether it will look a lot better. -- our whether it will look a lot better. the storm will began to retrogr
Nov 15, 2012 12:00pm EST
could be more restrictive when it comes to smoking. the only exception would be public the u.s. military is ramping up plans for january's presidential inauguration. 5000 active-duty military will assist. there will be coming to d.c. from across the country to help the locally-based military, and some are already town meeting with the officer in charge. >> this demonstrates our commitment to the commander in chief, and our capability as a nation to the world. it is why we put our best foot forward. >> several military bands will be clean throughout the week. they are working on their playbook as they work on the parade planned. adam caskey, no psychological sunshine but it feels war. >> it feels warmer. >> driving, i was feeling it. >> today cloudy, unseasonably cool. the cool weather will continue. here is a time lapse overlooking the potomac sunrise at 6:51 a.m.. we're filling the shift to standard time. everybody is coming home from work with their headlights on. there is of the cloud cover. 49 degrees. it is mid-level. it is not the low-level that gives you a little bit of
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4